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TD-550 Special auto-balancing centrifuge for blood bank
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  Special auto-balancing centrifuge for blood bank is particularly designed for the quick centrifuge in blood bank. The machine adopts micro-computer control, digital display and brushless Dc motor driving. It can store 9 procedures for users. The time for acceleration and deceleration is short and the shortest acceleration time Leq 10s. It uses electronic locks and stainless steel inner chamber. Operation parameters of instruments can be modified in operation. The self trouble diagnosis system can detect speed, imbalance, door cover self-locking and many other kinds of fault automatically and shows fault code.

TD-550Technical Data

Max Speed

5500 r/min


4300 Xg

Max Capacity


Speed Accuracy


Timer Range

1~59s/1~99 min/inching

The shortest time of Acc





AC 220V 50HZ 5A




25 kg



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